Our customers are our top priority. They ensure that we can work and pay our wages.

This is why we make every effort when carrying out ANY AND ALL activities in our company to be as fast, flexible and polite as possible when dealing with our customers and to meet their needs and expectations to the best of our ability. Our field sales force is close to our customers and they guarantee us an obvious competitive advantage due to their intense and personal customer care.


We produce, handle and rent high-quality products for the construction industry and civil engineering works. Our products support our customers in carrying out all types of construction projects and make work on-site more efficient, faster and safer. Price reliability, flexibility and reliability are the core competences on which our business is based.


It is only possible to maintain values by change; there can be no improvement without change. “E(KRO)VOLUTION” – stands for continuous development; the ongoing “flow” and the progress in the company and it makes “fit for the future”! We consider the transfer of knowledge and risk management in the company to be absolutely crucial, which means that we try as hard as possible to install processes of this type, to optimise them and to follow them effectively. Our IT systems support us in doing this and they are maintained and further-developed. In this connection, data protection and security have the highest priority.


We live out our integrated management systems in all parts of the company and we are committed to improving them on an ongoing basis. Our quality expectations are implemented in our ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System. We offer all our products and services in the best possible way in accordance with our customers’ requirements and in compliance with legal specifications and official requirements. In our company, compliance with the legal requirements in the field of waste and water resources management, air pollution control and trade law is regulated by means of the e2RIS system.


EKRO staff members are the central source for value creation. Their personal performance and responsibility contribute to the success of the company. To protect all of our staff members from injury and mental stress, the company undertakes to take the best possible measures. A holistic crisis management system is intended to prevent this, to accompany people, support them and help them in an emergency.

Ongoing staff training measures are very important. It promotes their specialist knowledge and sensitizes their approach to quality and the environment and encourages them to think about health and safety at work and their general health. Due to our committed personnel policy, we encourage the strengths of conscientious staff, which creates the conditions that are necessary for constructive cooperation.


We consider EKRO suppliers to be our long-term partners. When choosing suppliers, we act in line with our customers. Competence in problem-solving, reliable and professional order processing, reliable deliveries and consistently high product quality are all factors the set apart our partners. Fruitful cooperation is conditional upon competitive prices.


Our most important aim is to enhance the value of the company and to make profits. As a company, we strive for maximum independence. We want be a secure and stable employer for our staff members


Our business management always takes great care to deal with our market partners in a professional manner and to communicate clearly and correctly with our staff members.

A positive company philosophy is particularly important and we recognise the great influence that it has on the motivation and productivity of our staff members. We consider clear and transparent processes with clearly defined competence structures to be the basis of a functioning management system.