Ing. Robert Pusterhofer

  • Austria South Area Manager
  • Styria
  • Burgenland

At EKRO "Safe to the top" is not just a phrase! Safety and advantage on the site are important to us.

Harald Tischlinger

  • Vienna

At EKRO, we stand for safety and expertise in surface construction; we are a reliable partner that offers bespoke solutions to our customers.

Christoph Fasching

  • Vienna

As a customer advisor, it is important to me not only to pass on my expertise to clients, but also to recognize the needs of my clients and to maintain regular contact with them.

Ing. Fabian Zemlic

  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria

Service means we take care of you - Quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods!

Ing. Patrick Schnitzer

  • Lower Austria

Taking personal care of my clients, working out the technical side of things with various projects and handling them right to the end! Getting to know a wide variety of different people and construction projects, including all the challenges that this involves are very important to me!

Gerfried Altersberger

Gerfried Altersberger

  • Vorarlberg
  • Tyrol
  • Salzburg
  • Carinthia

Customer feedback is sometimes painful, but always good.