Ing. Robert Pusterhofer

  • Burgenland
  • Austria South Area Manager
  • Styria

At EKRO "Safe to the top" is not just a phrase! Safety and advantage on the site are important to us.

Harald Tischlinger

  • Vienna

At EKRO, we stand for safety and expertise in surface construction; we are a reliable partner that offers bespoke solutions to our customers.

Ing. Fabian Zemlic

  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria

Service means we take care of you - Quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods!

Ing. Patrick Schnitzer

  • Lower Austria

Taking personal care of my clients, working out the technical side of things with various projects and handling them right to the end! Getting to know a wide variety of different people and construction projects, including all the challenges that this involves are very important to me!

Thomas Judendorfer

  • Upper Austria
  • Salzburg

I’d like to be more of a reliable partner for my clients than just a supplier. Our innovative products allow us to always offer a solution for our clients’ requirements.

Gerfried Altersberger

  • Gebiet Kärnten
  • Salzburg
  • Tirol
  • Vorarlberg

Customer feedback is sometimes painful, but always good.