Ing. Robert Pusterhofer

  • Austria South Area Manager
  • Styria
  • Burgenland

Upward.Together.Safely. is not just a slogan for us! Safety and having a head start in construction is crucial for us.

Christoph Fasching

  • Vienna

Als Kundenberater ist es mir wichtig, nicht nur mein Wissen an Kunden weiterzugeben, sondern auch die Bedürfnisse meiner Kunden zu erkennen und regelmäßig mit Ihnen in Kontakt zu bleiben.

Ing. Fabian Zemlic

  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria

Service means we take care of you – quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods.

Ing. Patrick Schnitzer

  • Lower Austria

Taking personal care of my clients, working out the technical side of things with various projects and handling them right to the end! Getting to know a wide variety of different people and construction projects, including all the challenges that this involves are very important to me!

Christian Mark

  • Tyrol
  • Salzburg
  • Carinthia

Geschäftschancen sind wie Busse: es kommen immer wieder welche.