A reliable service – all over Austria

Our Service & Assembly team carries out repairs, inspections & refurbishment! We help you with your site hoists, passenger and freight lifts, rope winches, bricklayer’s work platforms, aluminium and diamond cut-off saws, supports, formwork & scaffolding. Our team can carry out customer deliveries and pick ups as well as pick up or deposits.

Due to our professional assessment and inspection capabilities, we can assess damage within a few days!

In urgent cases, you can use our on-site mobile service!

Installation service – Rapid help with set-up, dismounting, initial approval, maintenance, inspection and repairing of site hoists

Installation: Clarifying the feasibility and cost of materials following an inspection of the site.

Maintenance: We minimise possible idle times and potential hazards on site.

Inspection: In accordance with valid regulations, we carry out inspections and acceptance testing (e.g. initial approval,…)